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Caroline Moore is a committed second career artist. She currently divides her week between her studio in Buckinghamshire, and Edinburgh Atelier of Fine Art where she is studying part-time.

Caroline's portfolio is a combination of academic studies and classically inspired contemporary oil paintings.




"I have always loved working with my hands, drawing and making since childhood; and for many years, enjoyed a ‘hands-on’, very practical career as an orthodontist.

Most of all I am inspired by other artists; through courses and workshops as well as listening to podcasts, reading and gallery exhibitions. In particular, I love learning about artists' working methods, their process and materials - understanding how they create their work. The more I learn, the more I realise how much more there is to know. It’s this I think, that gets me out of bed in the morning!


Studying at EAFA has been instrumental in my gradual transition to full-time artist and continues to inform my work. Based on the traditions of 19th Century European Art Academies, atelier teaching focuses on technique through master-copies, cast-drawing, figurative work and still life. Gaining insight into the training methods of past generations of great artists feels like a privilege. As well as providing a formal structure for learning, it has allowed me undistracted time and space to concentrate and research and it continues to nudge me technically to improve my own paintings.


I love using traditional techniques to present contemporary themes; as well as experimenting with looser styles. Objects within a still life composition are more deeply observed than we manage in everyday life and I enjoy playing with the idea of ‘value’; finding and presenting beauty in the mundane or overlooked. Though pictorially realistic, I hope my paintings can be enjoyed on different levels. Subjects I choose to paint are often closely connected with everyday life, my home and family or friends. They are usually composed with a particular theme in mind or an element of humour.


With practice, I hope to paint more intuitively and concisely and ultimately, create art that remains interesting past the time of it's creation. I am continuing to learn so much from each one of my paintings. I hope you enjoy them."



Buckingham Art For All (BAFA) Winter Exhibition, Buckingham Community Centre - 17-19th November 2023.

'Finalist' - Broadway Arts Festival Art Competition 2023.  Bretforton, Worcestershire - 6-15th October 2023

Medical Art Society Annual Exhibition,  Hampstead School of Art - 30th July - 12th October 2023

Oxford Art Society Open Exhibition 2023 - Online 24/7  1-30 September 2023.

Buckinghamshire Artweeks/Open Studios  - 10th-22nd June 2023. 'Artists At Orchard Barn', Adstock.

Oxfordshire Artweeks - May 2023. Pause & Look - Celebrating Still Life.  'Fitch & Fellows', 18 Butter Market, Thame 


Broadway Arts Festival - 'Finalist' Open Art Competition - October 2022

Oxford Art Society Open Exhibition – August/September 2022 

The Medical Art Society Annual Exhibition, Royal Society of Medicine and Hampstead School of Art - July-September 2022

Buckinghamshire Artweeks/Open Studios - 'Botolph Group' - June 2022


Buckinghamshire Art Weeks - Virtual Christmas Fair - November/December 2021

UPStairs Gallery @Fitch & Fellows, Thame, Oxfordshire - ‘Whimsy’ with macro-photographer David Gilliver – November 2021

Network Rail 'Post-Card' Competition - Touring Exhibition & National Railway Museum Exhibition, York - October 2021

Milton Keynes Open Art Exhibition. Westbury Art Centre - Summer 2021

Winslow & District Art Society Online Exhibition - Spring 2021


Edinburgh Atelier Of Fine Art Charity Exhibition - November 201

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