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Caroline Moore is a painter based in Buckinghamshire, UK.

Caroline started painting full-time in 2020 and has recently completed a Diploma in Classical Drawing & Painting at Edinburgh Atelier of Fine Art. 


She combines traditional techniques with contemporary themes and pigments to create chromatic, classically inspired oil paintings.


“I have always loved working with my hands, drawing and ‘making’ since childhood; and for many years enjoyed a hands-on very practical career as an orthodontist. Studying at EAFA has been instrumental in my transition to full time artist and continues to inform my work. 


Each of my paintings is a careful exloration of composition, colour and form. Though loosely realistic, I hope my work retains some ambiguity or humour - allowing viewers to engage on different levels.


Objects within a still life composition are more deeply observed than we manage in everyday life and I enjoy playing with the idea of 'value,' reinterpreting the mundane or overlooked - illuminating familiar objects in new light.


I am continuing to learn so much from each one of my paintings. I hope you enjoy them.”



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